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The Owens Select Advantage


For Factory Finished hardwood flooring that combines the look and performance of solid wood with the stability and versatility of an engineered hardwood floor, the uncompromising choice is Owens Select™. Owens Select™ features a wear layer of 3/16" sawn lumber atop a multi-ply hardwood core. The result is a surface more stable than traditional solid hardwood.

Owens Select™ is easy to install on any level of your home—below, on, or above grade using the nail down, staple down, glue down, or floating methods. All Owens Select™ factory finishes are enhanced with aluminum oxide to provide each floor's wear layer with an ultra-durable and moisture resistant finish.

Owens Select Red Oak
Owens Select White Oak
Rift / Quartered Hardwood
Owens Select Hickory
Owens Select Walnut
Owens Select Brazilian Cherry
Owens Select Eucalyptus
Owens Select Sapele
Owens Select Santos Mahogany

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