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Shaw Contract Group Carpet Tile Adhesive

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Shaw Contract Group Carpet Tile Adhesive


Shaw #1000 is a is a fast-tacking, solvent-free, ultra premium adhesive for installing both direct glue down and double glue down commercial carpets and Shaw’s DuraTech Plus Cushion. This adhesive has been specially designed to provide quick grab with fast wet suction and holding power for bonding the most difficult to install carpet backing such as wide-pick Action Bac and heavily embossed Unitaries. Shaw 1000 can be used for smoother Action Bac, jute backings, the Enhancer (Urethane) backings, and Shaw DuraTech Plus carpet cushion. Extended residual tack and rebond qualities allow the installer to simply roll out bubbles should they occur. Use the tacky method of installation for all applications allowing adequate adhesive leg development before laying carpet or cushion into wet adhesive. This adhesive is recommended for use over American Plywood Association (APA) plywood or equal plywood, and all grades of fully cured concrete in the absence of hydrostatic pressure and high alkali. It is recommended that the installer perform tests for alkali (pH of floor should be 5-9). A moisture test should be performed using the Anhydrous Calcium Chloride method. Moisture emissions should not exceed 5 lbs. per 1,000 square feet per 24 hours.



Follow manufacturer’s installation recommendations and industry standards for layout, cutting and sewing the carpet. Spread adhesive evenly using the recommended trowel notches for carpet backing types. Use the tacky method of installation. (A simple test is to put your finger or a piece of carpet into spread adhesive. As you withdraw your finger or carpet a 2-inch “leg” of adhesive develops from the floor to your finger or carpet; the adhesive is ready to accept the carpet.) Tack time varies slightly with ambient room conditions. When the adhesive is tacky, lay carpet into adhesive and roll with manufacturer’s recommended roller to insure good transfer to carpet backing. Use seam sealer at all seams and cuts. Restrict heavy traffic for a minimum of 24 hours. Attached Urethane Cushion Back carpet should be rolled with a roller not exceeding 75 lbs.



For DuraTech Plus Cushion to Floor: Use recommended trowel notch and apply as directed above for cushion back carpet. Do not roll DuraTech Plus Cushion with a roller. Use a carpet core to smooth out and attach the cushion to floor.



When cushion is firmly in place, apply adhesive to smooth side of the DuraTech Plus cushion using a 1/8”x1/8”x1/16 U-notched trowel. Use the tacky method as described above. Caution: It is particularly critical to double glue installations that tacky method and minimum trowel notch be used for application of adhesive. Failure to apply adhesive in the specified manner may result in loss of all warranties Use a 30-50 lb. roller to ensure good transfer of the adhesive to carpet backing. Avoid all traffic for a minimum of 24 hours to allow adhesive continued curing.



5000 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a versatile, water-based, clear acrylic co-polymer adhesive that is solvent free, low odor, contains no hazardous chemicals, and meets the CRI Green Label criteria. Used “Dry” it is a releasable and rebondable adhesive for carpet tiles. #5000 adhesive may be applied to porous or non-porous surfaces and should be allowed to dry completely. Adhesive will be tacky but will not transfer to back of carpet tile. Drying time will vary depending on the temperature, humidity, and porosity of the substrate This adhesive is not recommended for use over concrete slabs where hydrostatic pressure, excessive moisture or alkali exists. Available in 4-gallon pails.

0 grams per litre (calculated)
Acrylic latex
Light paste
Open time:
Several hours
Up to 150-350 sq. ft. per gallon
Shelf Life:
Up to one year in unopened container at 70 degrees F
Non-flammable, qualified for NFPA Class A and UBC Class
1 fire ratings as determined by the ASTM E84 Tunnel Test
Use warm, soapy water while wet. When dried, use WFT #9
Adhesive Remover/Stripper.
Other Features:
Freeze-thaw stable to 10 degrees F. Low odor.

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