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  How to Clean Protect Maintain Your Hardwood Floor | Concord CA | San Ramon CA


How to Clean Protect Maintain your
Hardwood Flooring..


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Clean & maintain the beauty of your hardwood floor with our floor care products. For 35 years McCurleys Floor Center www.MacFloor.com has providing and distributing quality Floor cleaner’s, hardwood cleaners. Hardwood finishes to the flooring projects. Our commitment is to maintain the beauty of your Hardwood floor as well as protecting your investment. We also have a large selection of environmentally responsible floor cleaner formulated products for Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, vinyl flooring, carpet, tile & stone for commercial and residential floor. Find quality cleaners and maintenance products such as: Mannington, Armstrong, Bona Kemi, Pergo, Quick-Step, Wilsonart & many other floor cleaner from major brands in our website as well as in our showrooms in San Ramon and Concord in the Bay Area, California. Also we can ship to you in anywhere in US or all over the world.

Floor care 101

• Hardwood floor is easy to clean & maintains, sweep, vacuum, or dust map and eliminate abrasives regularly.

• Small stones, mud and gritty dirt tracked in from out side can damage the floors finish.

• Remove spills with Micro Fiber paper towel or napkins or floor cloth and cotton.

• Spray- use a light coat of hardwood cleaner on the soldered or on the Micro fiber cover.

• Mop Floor in back & Froth the same direction of Hardwood floor plank do not do a large area. Finish a small section of the floor first, and then go to the next section.

• Mop pad need to be rinse with water when become solid if it’s heavy been soiled change the map head with another map.

• Floor mats- use mats next to refrigerator, sink, dishwasher to protect floor from water spills, cooking oil spills place a door mat or area rug at exterior interior at the end of steps and traffic area (note: avoid Rubber backing material).

Caps and protection pads

Sharp wheels or metal legs can damage & dent hardwood floors. Furniture that rest on hardwood floor should have felt protectors. Use felt pad, under chair legs table and furniture to avoid scratchy. Floor protectors cost low and come in several size shapes.

For piano and other heavy object use wide and non staining rubber caps.

Stop moving heavy object on hardwood floors use mats or plywood or floor sliders. Make sure furniture casters are operate properly.

Fade and Oxidation in Hardwood floors

Hardwood floor color can change and fade oxidation of wood causes by exposure of the sun light. Area Rug and furniture need to re arrange periodically.

Harwood floor and humidity – Maintain relative humidity around 45% for your good health, your wood floor and furnishings. Wood is a natural product that reacts to relative humidity variations when moisture is absorbed or released.

Wood movement during a humid period (wood absorbs excess humidity and expands).
Wood movement during a dry period (wood releases humidity, contracts and shrinks).

Floor care warning

• Exec of water damage hardwood floor can cays swelling shrinking cupping on floors. Avoid sand or dirt built up

• Do not use or pour cleaner directly on hardwood floors

• Using wax oil based other cleaning on hardwood floors causes’ damage to the finish or leave a greasy film. In order to keep your warranty follow manufactures recommended cleaning products.

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