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Sika Adhesive Sealers

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SikaBond Technology…..


Elastic bonding for the wood flooring marketplace

SikaBond elastic adhesive technology has been creating permanent bonds to wood, metal, concrete and various other materials in the construction, marine and automotive markets for decades. With elastic technology two different materials can move independently of one another without causing undue stress on the substrates.

SikaBond wood floor bonding adhesive systems are available in several systems – Full Surface Systems such as SikaBond T55 and SikaBond-T35 as well as an Acoustical System, Sika AcouBond. Sika also produces a compatible moisture regulating primer, Sika Primer MB, that can be used for substrates exceeding allowable moisture levels in concrete.

Sika’s technology reaches every aspect of wood flooring installations:

Bonding Engineered wood to concrete and other subfloors

Bonding solid wood planks

Eliminates nailing for sound reduction in high-rise or multistory structures

The elastic properties of the Sika adhesive systems promote a much safer installation for wood flooring materials.


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