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• Johnson One Part Flexible Stone & Tile Adhesive .


Johnson One Part Flexible Tile & Stone Adhesive is a highly polymer fortified adhesive mortar for use on walls and floors in both internal and external locations. It requires only the addition of water as it is specially formulated with Rock-Tite™ polymeric binders to impart flexibility, water resistance and increased strength - usually only achieved by the addition of polymer admixtures. It is ideal for tiling in high duty areas such as swimming pools, commercial showers and locations where thermal variations may occur. Setting time 18 to 24 hours. Conforms to classification BS EN 12004 C2TE.
Packaging: supplied in 20kg bags


• Premium Flexible Tile Mortar

Kerabond/Keralastic System is a high-performance, two-part system: Keralastic ™, a second-generation “flexible” acrylic latex additive, is used to enhance the performance of Kerabond ™, which is a premium-grade dry-set mortar. This system has exceptional bond strength, flexural strength, elongation and freeze/thaw durability. To ensure proper flexibility, always use a latex additive when applying a dry-set mortar over plywood or to set nonvitreous tiles.


• Premium, Rapid-Setting, Flexible, Polymer-Modified Mortar System

Granirapid is the next generation of high-performance, flexible mortar systems. As the industry’s first and only fast-curing system geared for fast-track projects, it uses MAPEI’s unique High-Hydrated Cement Technology (HCT™). It develops high, early mechanical strength and can be specified for the same demanding applications as Keralastic™ ; however, Granirapid will cure considerably faster because its superior drying-out characteristics produce low residual moisture behind the tile after 24 hours.

Unlike old-generation “rapid sets,” Granirapid has a much better open and adjustability time while allowing application of grout in 3 to 4 hours. When used in conjunction with Ultracolor® grout (also with HCT technology), the installation will allow water immersion in a revolutionary 72 hours, as opposed to 28 days for traditional systems. Granirapid is a definite must when time is critical. Granirapid is formulated from a shrinkage-compensated technology that allows medium-bed, high-build capability for large-format tile.


• Professional-Grade Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive

Type 1 is a professional-grade, traditional, nonflammable, organic adhesive for setting impervious, vitreous, semivitreous and nonvitreous tile over gypsum drywall (walls only), cement board, exterior-grade plywood, concrete and masonry block. This adhesive is used for interior applications only. Type 1 meets or exceeds ANSI A136.1, Type 1 requirements.

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