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Carpet Binding, Carpet Serging, Carpet Fringing & Carpet Coveing

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Binding Carpet

Binding in carpet means finishing the edges of the carpet. Carpet binding is folded over the edge of your rug and stitched on. The width of the binding is usually ¼ to 3/8 inch. There is a wide variety of binding colors which we can match the color as close as possible to your carpet.

Binding Carpet
Serging Carpet

Serging Carpet

Another type of finishing carpet edges or an area rugs is called Serging. A serged is wrapping of yarn on the edge of area rug. The serging edge is finished width is usually 3/8 inch.

Serging is real durable and compared to binding is a stronger finish and look more natural and cost more. Most of the pre-made Area Rugs have sergrd edges.

Sisal Binding Fringing
Sisal Binding