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Kane Area Rug

Kane Carpet | Kane Area Rug
Kane Carpet & Area Rug

Bay Area CA | Concord CA | San Ramon CA | San Francisco CA | Walnut Creek CA | Danville CA

Kane Custom Area Rug Collection

The Endless rug collection from Kane Carpet in an exciting new program that makes more than a thousand combinations of color and patterns available to you for your rug-made to the size you request!
  • Any area rug size you want.
  • Your choice of area rug shape (Rectangle, Squire, Octagon, Circle, Runner)
  • Thousands of combinations carpets, colors & styles.
  • All area rug designs balanced in width and length.
  • All area rugs will be Bound or serged edge.
Kane Carpet

Rectangle Area Rug
Square Area Rug
Octagon Area Rug
Circle Area Rug
Runner Area Rug

If you need any specific pattern or size please email or fax 925-866-2244 your request. We will design a beautiful rug with any pattern and color you have in mind.

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please call 925-866-2200 or email