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BHK of America Hardwood Flooring

BHK offers long lasting good looks, faster "no" glue installation, sealed edges to ensure greater moisture resistance, really easy maintenance, a wide selection of colors and patterns, and a 15 year limited warranty against wear, fading and stains. The flooring choice you make now will affect your home and lifestyle for many years to come. The right choice now will leave you time to enjoy both. The rich warm beauty of BHK woodgrains and their exciting selection of patterns can give your floor exactly the look you want. But, the beauty of UNICLIC Flooring is so much more than just its good looks. This quality laminate flooring offers a faster, cleaner installation since no glue is used. A real time saving factor. Plus, no more waiting for glue to dry. You can walk on the floor immediately.BHK UNICLIC Flooring offers exciting accent tiles and custom logo tiles to further personalize your flooring design. Accessories for installing, finishing and maintaining BHK UNICLIC Flooring are also available.


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