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Laying Laminate Flooring:

In order to install Laminate Flooring you need to follow the laminate installation recommended by Laminate manufactures. Whether your laminate flooring project is commercial or residential below are contained some important information that must be followed:

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Flooring Acclimation:

Laminate Floors need to be acclimated, allow unopened cartons to lay flat for 48 hours or more in the actual room that the Laminate floor is going to be installed. In a very dry or very humid area the acclimation should be between 72 to 96 hours.
Sub floor Condition:

Sub floor must be dry & stable for Laminate installation. Uneven sub floors should sand or filled with Portland cement products. Concrete sub floors require a vapor barrier which is a 6 mm or more polyethylene film. If installed over radiant heat, check that the sub floor does not exceed 84 degrees F. Sub floor needs to be level with in 3/16 of an inch over a 10 foot radius.
Installation Procedures:

Make sure that the floor is clean and free of debris. Planks should be parallel with the incoming light from windows. Installation of proper underlayment is the most important for sound transmission if you are in a high rise building, condos, and apartments or under noise restrictions check with the home owner association or property management for their requirement. Also check to see if the first row is straight, if not you need to scribe and cut it before beginning installation for a perfect fit.
Expansion Joint:

Like any Hardwood Flooring installation Laminate Flooring installation requires to have expansion joint. Hardwood floor usually expands across the width of the planks, but Laminate Floors will expand equally in all directions. The minimum amount of ¼” is required around the entire area of the room and around any fixed object in the floor. There are no exceptions for minimum expansion.
Laminate Flooring Underlayment Installation Procedures:

A Premium flooring underlayment should be rolled out with the seam joined together and taped. If you are below grade the underlayment should extend up the wall approximately 2 inches. If you are using a 2 in 1 foam/film, the plastic side goes toward the concrete. Remove all existing wall base and trim. Some Laminate Floor has attached underlayment which does not require additional underlayment except a vapor barrier when you are installing over a concrete floor.

Laminate Floors Transitional moldings must be installed when the door way is less than 4 feet. Door jams need to be properly undercut (use a plank under your saw to cut the door jam).
Laminate Flooring Layout and Measurement:

Find out which way to run the planks. Install laminate planks lengthwise in the longest direction of the room or lengthwise perpendicular to incoming sunlight. For proper laminate flooring installation you need to follow the factory installation directions. Some Laminates require glue (usually commercial applications.) After the installation of the floor Laminate transitional moldings need to be installed. For better understanding Laminate floor molding requirements please refer to types of Laminate Flooring molding and where to install Laminate Flooring moldings page.
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Maintenance of Laminate Flooring after Installation:

The Laminate floor should be cleaned with the proper Laminate cleaner.  To protect your new laminate floor use mats at outside doorways and use protector on the feet of furniture to prevent scratches & dings.  Also only use a vacuum with suction to clean dirt and grime. For quick clean up just use a dust mop. 

Laminate flooring can be install any area such as family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, Commercial places such as dental offices, spa and salons, restaurants, sport clubs, hospitals, health care, banks, library’s, office buildings, retail spaces and many more.

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