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1) Owens Flooring Plankloc Flooring Underlayment
Plankloc is the latest technology underlayment for laying hardwood floors. Plankloc reduce sound Water-based Urethane Finishes are not recommended for use with the PlankLoc Installation System.
  • PlankLoc is not recommended for flooring less than 3" in width.
  • PlankLoc is not recommended for use with unfinished flooring, only.
2) Quick Step Underlayment
Quick-Step has three quality underlayment options designed to protect your flooring investment while offering unique sound benefits, moisture protection and case of installation. From our premium Unisound Combi Floor and Combi Floor Plus underlayment that offer improved sound benefits to our Combi Floor underlayment, the standard in sound and matches protection. The warranty on these products matches that of your Quick-Step floor
3) BHK 3 in 1 Underlayment
  • Good sound and heat insulation.
  • Resistant to Chemicals.
  • Odorless, chemically non-toxic.
  • Does not contain or require any microbial treatment
  • (3 in 1) cushioning built in two sided vapor barrier with lip and tape installation.

4) Mirage Lock Underlayment

  • Used for Mirage Lock Flooring

Miscellaneous Underlayment

ROBERTS Unison 2-In-1 Underlayment, For Laminate and Wood Floors, Blocks Moisture, Cushions, 100 Sq Ft ROBERTS Moisture Barricade Underlayment, For Laminate Floors, 6 Mil. Thick Polyethylene Film, 120 Sq Ft Roll ROBERTS Harmony Premium 3-In-1 Underlayment
Wood Floors Dream Home Foam Underlayment, use under laminate flooring or floating engineered real wood floors to even imperfections in the sub-floor and muffle sound.  This foam underlayment is 1/8" thick.

15 lb Felt Paper Underlayment is a common layer that used under hardwood flooring prefinished or unfinished over the wood subfloor.  Its low cost and it has a good moisture barrier. It comes 324 sf rolls.

Kraft Paper Underlayment comes with 500 ft roll and 1000 ft roll.
Enkasonic Underlayment creates sound-rated floors with the high IIC and STC level required by ICBO, UBC and FHA for luxury developments. The only mat that has been tested after 10 years of use. (Enkasonic Underlayment retained 97% of original thickness, was as pliable as a new roll, and preformed equally to a newly manufactured roll.) It increases IIC and STC levels up to 12 points over wood frame, and ICC up to 20 points over concrete. Enkasonic Underlayment comes with 360 sf rolls.
Red Rosin Paper Underlayment is used to provide surfaces from general construction such as floor traffic, wall and ceiling texturing, paint dripping, floor and tile installation, etc. It can be used as masking paper, flooring materials, roofing materials, wall construction materials, and many other applications. Red Rosin Paper Underlayment comes with 500 sf. Rolls.

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