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Solid Sound Flooring Underlayment

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Acoustical Underlayment for Wood, Laminate, Engineered & Floating Hardwood Floors
  • Reduces Noise Levels.
  • Adds R-Value to Cold Floors.
  • Provides Moisture / Vapor Barrier Protection.
  • Sanitized Throughout - Our High - Temperature Process Kills Bacteria and Fungus.
  • EPA Approved Antimicrobial For Mold Control.
Sound Transmission Loss:
The sound-insulating property of a partition element is expressed in terms of the sound transmission loss. ASTM E90-99, ASTM E413-87 Sound Transmission Class (STC) = 53
Impact Sound Transmission:
The method is designed to measure the impact sound transmission preformance of a floor-ceiling assembly in a controlled laboratory environment ASTM E492-90, ASTM W989-89 Impact insulation Class (IIC) = 59
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