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Wilsonart Laminate Underlayment Pad

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Just as the right padding enhances the look, feel and performance of carpet, choosing the right Wilsonart Flooring underlayment also makes a difference. Wilsonart offers three distinct padding systems to accommodate specific application needs.

  • Wilsonart 2-In-1 Pad
Wilsonart 2-in-1 underlayment is a polyethylene moisture barrier bonded to blue polyethylene foam for direct installation over concrete or wood subfloor. This combo foam and moisture barrier is a absorb sound, offer comfort and prevent moisture to get to the Laminate. The thickness of moisture barrier is 0.002 inches and foam pad is 0.075 inches.
  • Wilsonart Commercial Cushion
Wilsonart Commercial Cushion is the ideal for residential and commercial underlayment, this cushion serves as noise reducer and moisture barrier while its special antimicrobial content helps inhibit orders caused by bacteria and mold.
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  • Wilsonart Acoustic Cushion
Wilsonart Acoustic Cushion is offer a great underlayment recommended for any installation with Wilsonart Laminate Flooring. It is a premium cushion which reduces the noise and is comfort underfoot, function as insulating member.
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