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Carpet Pad Cushion

Carpet Pad & Cushion

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Carpet cushion or Carpet pad is one of the most essential elements of any Carpet installation. A good Carpet Pad makes carpet feel richer and more comfort under foot. Carpet Cushion also extends the life of carpet.  The factor for a quality carpet pad depends on the Density not the thickness. The density of a carpet pad measured by weight. In pounds per cubic foot.  As an example, a 6-lb carpet cushion equal to weight of 6-lb per cubic foot. According to carpet cushion council carpet pad for low traffic areas should be at least 5-lb and thickness of 3/8-inch and for a heavy traffic the recommendation is starting at more than 6.5 and thickness of 3/8-inch.

McCurlery’s Floor Center is a full service floor covering company has been recognized as one of the major distributor of all types of floor covering products including carpet cushions, carpet pad, laminate, hardwood underlayment, Area Rugs pad and acoustic flooring underlayment products for over 36 years. No matter what your carpet cushions needs are, McCurlery’s Floor center and MacFloor.com has the right products for your specific needs. Choosing the right carpet pad will protect your investment. We offers a complete line of carpet cushion for commercial and residential flooring projects and whether you’re looking for a carpet pad for a bed room, ballrooms, corridors, multi family projects or a hotel we have it all. In addition to our nation wide distributor channel our bay area warehouses in Concord and San Ramon carries a large amount of carpet pad and flooring underlaymet in different sizes and thicknesses in-stock. From product selection, ordering, delivery and professional installation we have done it all. Our experience saves you time and money and no matter what type of flooring product you are selecting we have a right answer for you. Save on flooring deals and promotion. We guarantee you the lowest prices.

Find the useful carpet cushion information in below:

Types of Carpet Cushion:

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  • Rebond Carpet Pad: Made of combination of several different foam pieces. Rebond Pad is the most common Carpet Pad in today market it is made of recycled products. Rebond Carpet pad increases thermal insulation properties of the carpet better energy savings. Rebond Carpet Pad comes in several thickness and densities. Rebond carpet cushion made from recycled foam materials and also is good sound insulator.
Rebond  Carpet Pad  6lb 7/16" Standard Carpet Pad
Rebond  Carpet Pad  8 lb 7/16" Upgrade Carpet Pad
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Stainmaster Pad Cushion
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Stainmaster carpet cushion, the only carpet cushion that adds more years to your Stainmaster carpet limited warranty and makes it easy to keep your Stainmaster carpet clean and beautiful.

Stainmaster carpet Cushion is a great & durable Pad & keep your carpet fresh, clean and beautiful for years to come. Cleaning & maintaining Carpet made easier & more effective by utilizing Dupont Hytrel renewably sourced moisture barrier, breathable film, which contain a minimum of 20% renewably ingredients by weight.

  1. Stainmaster carpet pad extend your Stainmaster carpet limited warranty. - Stainmaster carpet cushion with Odor Guard technology helps to reduce or eliminate odors caused by most common household spills and pet accidents.
  2. Technology Upgrades Available Stainmaster carpet cushion is available with upgraded performance as well. Stainmaster carpet cushion with antimicrobial treatment helps to resist damage caused by mold and mildew in the cushion.

    Stainmaster pad is made with DuPont Hytrel which stops even the messiest spills from seeping through the carpet and into the pad.
Spillguard Carpet Pad:
Spillguard Moisture barrier prevents spills & accidents from penetrating the cushion, so they can be blotted from the carpet quickly and easily. Spilleguard utilized Dupont Active layer RS renewably sourced moisture barrier film.
Fiber Carpet Pad:
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Fiber carpet cushion is made of scraped and recycled textile fiber it comes in to different categories natural fiber and synthetic carpet fiber. Usually these pads are used under commercial carpets and some are rugs and some of the barbers carpets.
Synthetic fiber Pad:
Also call synthetic felt made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and acrylics, which are made with needle-punched system. Synthetic Carpet Cushion is made by needle punching of grade carpet fibers. Synthetic pad manufactured from recycled synthetic carpet fibers – specifically designed for berber and low profile carpets. It increases thermal insulation properties of carpet – better energy efficiency and savings. Also Synthetic pad ideal for high-traffic areas
Urethane Pad:
Urethane Carpet Pad is the most popular kind of carpet padding which used more often in today’s market. It is made of scrap urethane which is used in furniture and other industries. It is more durable than Rebond pad.

Urethane Carpet Pad is comes with different thickness and density.
Rubber Carpet Pad:
We offer quality rubber carpet cushion through Bay Area, San Jose, Saratoga, California
Rubber Carpet Pad advance Polymer Cushions offer the consumer and excellent choice for comfort and durability both residential and commercial carpet installations. Rubber Padding is durable and resistant against crushing, mildew and moisture, its available in different thicknesses.
Our carpet cushion, carper pad and other underlayment such as acoustic underlayment and sound control come form major manufacture in US and all over the world.

Carpenter Carpet Cushion / Pad

Leggett & Platt Carpet Cushion / Pad

LP Hospitality Leggett & Platt Carpet Cushion / Pad

Healthier Choice Premium Carpet Cushion / Pad

Shaw Triple Touch Carpet Cushion / Pad

Fabrica Carpet Cushion / Pad

• Halex Cushion / Pad Underlayment