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How To Install Paradigm Water Proof Flooring.

Paradigm Vinyl Flooring Installation instructions


Following are the instructions and tips on Paradigm flooring and how to install Paradigm water proof floor. Please make sure that you read all installation instructions carefully before you begin installation.

McCurley’s Floor Center, Inc. is proud to offer paradigm flooring in beautiful styles and colors. We are based in Northern California Cities San Ramon, Danville, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Diablo, San Jose, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Palo Alto and we ship nationwide to many states including California, Arizona, Navada, Oregon and more.

Paradigm flooring is a water proof floor. It can take water overflows in places such as tubs, sinks and dishwashers.

How To Install Paradigm Water Proof Flooring.

Like any hardwood or laminate flooring paradigm can be installed the same way. Below are important notes for the installation of this floor:

  1. Inspect Paradigm planks for defects such as chips and color or sheen differences.
  2. Make sure the tongue and grooves are clean and free of debris.
  3. Can be installed on all grade levels, on grade, above grade, or below grade.
  4. No acclimation required
  5. Recommended room temperature should be maintained between 65-85 degrees before, during and after installation. The product remains stable between 45 – 105 degrees.
  6. Can be installed over existing Sheet Vinyl/LVT/VCT 1-Layer well bonded. Cushion vinyl and floated floors must be removed before installation.
  7. Install plank flooring in a random order.
  8. Minimum end joint stagger is 8” on adjacent rows.
  9. Door jams should be undercut.

When installing paradigm flooring your contractor or installer needs to open multiple boxes and mix them to get proper pattern repeat and color appearance.

Paradigm floors can be installed over most existing hard-surface floor coverings.

Paradigm floors can be installed floating or direct glue down.

Paradigm flooring is a waterproof product. Moisture will not damage the product. When installed, it does not produce a moisture barrier nor does it protect the walls or structure of the home. Only installing a moisture barrier in a crawl space or under the Paradigm flooring over a concrete floor can ensure this.

Paradigm flooring can be installed as an indoor product.

Expansion space

Leave ¼” or 6mm expansion space between the wall and flooring.

Paradigm trims and finishing molding.

Following is the list of transitional moldings for paradigm floors:

Reducer molding; is used to finish flooring when the adjoining surface is lower than the Paradigm floor.
T-molding; is used to finish flooring when two level surfaces meet in doorways and other areas.
Stair Nose is used to finish flooring on landings or stair edges. Moldings need to be glued and fastened down to the sub-floor for safety and stability. Color fill should be used to cover the fasteners.
End Cap; molding is used to finish flooring at any vertical obstructions such as a sliding glass doors, French doors, bathtubs and can also be used at carpet.
Quarter round; molding is nailed directly into the baseboard. To finish the perimeter of the room install quarter round moldings using finishing nails.

Paradigm floors installed over Radiant Heat floors:

Paradigm flooring can be installed over some types of radiant heated floors as a floating floor.
Make sure the heat must be turned down to 68 degrees F at least 24 hours before, during, and for 24 hours after the flooring installation. (Follow the manufacturing requirements)

How To Replace a Damaged Paradigm Flooring Board
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