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Custom Area Rug Fabrication

Custom Area Rug Fabrication

Bay Area CA, Concord CA, San Ramon CA

McCurlerys Floor Center MacFloor is decided to offering custom rugs that meet fashion trends and styles of today’s market. Our design & creativity open your world to the endless possibilities. We can help you design a unique rug that perfect to your style.

Our custom area rug fabrication offers a wide variety of choices from modern to ancient design and will feature ideas to spark your interests. You can pick from our largest selection of carpet, carpet remant & commercial carpet.

Just give us your idea, a pillow or a picture of a fabric or a drawing of what you like and we will design it for free of charge. It’s simple!
Custom Area Rug Custom Area Rug

1. Choose your fabric from our extensive array of designs, textures and colors or supply your own fabric to bring your vision into reality.


2. Select the carpet inset from the styles, colors and textures that coordinate with your fabric. There are many carpet style such as Cur Pile, Texture, Wool, Plush and Berber.


3. Area Rugs size: More than a thousand combinations of carpet color and patterns can be made as area rugs of any size and shape, or as carpet runners, inserts and wall to wall. A splendid complement to any settings, they’re constructed to meet the performance requirement of commercial environment. With a wide variety of colors and the option of specifying solid or two or three color striate, color styling possibilities are visually unlimited.

  • Any area rug size you want.
  • Your choice of area rug shape (Rectangle, Squire, Octagon, Circle, Runner)
  • Thousands of combinations carpets, colors & styles.
  • All area rug designs balanced in width and length.
  • All area rugs will be Bound or serged edge.
Rectangle Area Rug
Square Area Rug
Octagon Area Rug
Circle Area Rug
Runner Area Rug

In addition to our area rug McCurley’s Floor Center offer related area rugs services such as:

  • Binding , Serging and Fringing.
  • Carpet Cove Base.
  • Bordered Area Rugs.
  • Logo Rugs & Entry Mats for Commercial and Residential.
  • Tapestry and Fabric Borders